On a diet? How is it working for you? – FIT talk with Tania

The majority of people who contact me for advice on diets have one of two things: They think they are eating well and are aware of what they should do, but they don’t.

For starters, just since we’re all aware would not necessarily mean we’re going to. Our beliefs guide our actions, and often my clients are so discouraged and depressed due to the myriad of unsatisfactory food experiences that they decide to believe that they’ll never be able to achieve their health goals.

The second is that there’s a clear difference between sustaining an energizing diet and eating healthy and balanced. You can absolutely choose healthy foods, but if you’re not able to select them correctly and in the right combination and in the right proportions, and at the appropriate frequency, even healthy foods can raise blood sugar levels and cause your body to store fats.

If you’ve been following me for some time, You should have noticed something about the importance of the stabilization of blood sugar. The balance of blood sugar levels is vital. It’s so crucial, in fact, that it’s the way our bodies were designed to operate.

Newborns are screened to ensure the blood sugar levels of their babies are safe before they leave the hospital. Children naturally maintain that stability. Anyone who has children is aware that a toddler or child is hungry at the moment they awake.

Babies are fed breast milk or formulation, which provides the ideal balance of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates that help to maintain blood sugar. It also won’t alter much when they grow.

When children begin eating stable food, god forbids you to leave the house with a toddler and not bring a snack, is it not? This is when your blood sugar levels fall. They become “hungry” and start asking you for food.

The same process is happening in our adult bodies, but in our hectic lifestyles and with all the diets that we are able to follow, telling us, “do not consume that” or “do take a break from eating when you want to shed that extra weight.” We eat it and ignore the signals to take a bite.

Our bodies haven’t changed much since the time we were infants with regard to the way we consume and process food in the same way. We just became better individuals. As we grow, the more bizarre our eating habits seem to be.

Consume no fats, reduce carbohydrates, use energy sources, avoid eating at dinner, and don’t consume food in the morning. Take three meals daily and don’t snack, and eat five meals per day, and yes, you’ll have a snack. The constant stream of info overflow, honestly false information, has nearly all of us on a diet rollercoaster which we cannot seem to get off of or are so confused that we are unable to do anything.

What is the right thing for you? I’ll say it’s secure to say there’s no way to know. Nearly 30% of the p.c adult population across Canada have a weight problem, while over 31 p.c of children ranging from 12-17 are overweight. (The 2012-13 numbers are the most current information I can find on weight issues for children.)

Evidently, diets aren’t working, and doing nothing at all isn’t going to work. What works is stabilized blood sugar.

Stabilization of blood sugar is a necessity for everybody. It’s how we got into our world. The sooner we return to it, the sooner it will be that we’ll begin to see things alter. Yet, diets aren’t able to inform people that the result of the food-related industry is an enormous multibillion-dollar greenback business and if you find something that you like and your partner, or your children, or anyone else, whatever the situation, it is unlikely that you will by any ever again join a diet plan again. This is not good for your bottom line.

Instead of depriving yourself of food, cutting down on food choices, counting calories, or cutting down on the total number of meals you eat, Why not learn to eat what you’re craving in a way that regulates hormones, stabilizes blood sugar, improves metabolism, and boosts it? Put your body in a place where it naturally releases fats, safeguards muscle mass, increases the amount of energy you have, and stops cravings.

It will trigger a healthy inflammatory response. This irritation is the main cause of all diseases. Reduce the chance of metabolic ailments like hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and coronary heart disease, stroke, and stroke, and you’ll increase well-being. Your body will be healthier as your body naturally eliminates the weight.

It’s really simple. Foods that are consumed in the right combination, with the proper portions, and at the correct frequency throughout the day will take care of that.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it’s not a diet strategy. The results might not happen in a single day. However, they’ll happen in a balanced way.

Whatever stage you are in your health journey, the problem does not happen within a day, and reversing the effects can take a long time. The length of time depends on how long your body has been in an environment of deprivation and out of balance.

But what I’m aware of, however, is that it’s more about your age and more about how long you’ve been doing/not doing things that benefit your well-being as well as your body.

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