iPad for Real Estate Professionals- Who Should Buy & What App Should You Get?

I have a netbook, which I use for all things. It’s my sole “computer.” I am awestruck by it, and it’s easy to carry in case of need. I’m using the Verizon MiFi, which is a small black box that can be an outdoor wifi hotspot that can accommodate as many as five people. With these two devices, I’m always connected to the Web wherever I’ve got the Verizon broadband connection. I also own an iPod that connects to the Web via my office wireless and MiFi. I utilize it as a simple method to check my emails on the go since it’s always in my pocket.

What did I want and Expect from the iPad?

I’m a tech enthusiast and love the latest gadgets. But I would never purchase something that costs more than this until it’s been around for a while and possibly even hit the second generation. There are many amazing applications that I love to use, and I wanted to talk about the iPad and see if it could be used to advertise my real estate company with an improved application for iTunes. To be honest, I wanted something that was totally different.

From the box: Simple Setup

Don’t expect much other than an iPad inside the box since it’s just a charger and an instruction card on how to use iTunes. This is fine. The process is very simple, regardless of whether you’ve used iTunes as well or not. There are two options available: restore your iPod from the backup, which will install all of that software, or use the default option of a new installation. I found on the Web that starting from scratch installation is better than the latter, and I installed the apps I wanted to put on it later. You can also take them off the Web in the sense that iTunes recognizes that you’ve already paid for them. Of course, all your music is automatically transferred to the iPad.

The apps I did not want from the iPod.

There are, at most several thousand apps available that are specifically designed for the iPad with its big screen. Some of my apps have been converted very well since there’s an option that appears on the right (2X) to increase the size of their screen without causing too many distortions. But, there were a handful of apps I’d tried on the iPod that didn’t work well for me. They were tiny apps within the confines of a big screen, or they were blown up badly.

Another thing I noticed was that certain apps weren’t needed anymore since I was able to use the website with the huge screen. Hootsuite and the PayPal application, and many others have been removed, and I simply go to the site.

Quick Access to Websites via Screen Shortcuts

After I realized that I’d use websites rather than apps, I was pleased to see that I could create an icon for a screen shortcut from Safari. Safari website browser. When I arrive at the website I frequently visit, by using the bookmark drop-down menu, I can choose to create an icon for a screen. This way, I can access my most visited sites in a matter of minutes since there are plenty of pages of space to put icons on the screen on my iPad.

What is the difference between MLS Software and IDX?

I’m not sure about your MLS system; however, FNIS Paragon is so picky it is unable to run Internet Explorer without problems. Although I did try it out to have enjoyment, it wasn’t possible that it would function in Safari or any other third-party iPad browser I’d downloaded. In terms of your website, as well as you’re IDX search page is concerned, it should work flawlessly as mine did. It’s just a page with an iframe; in the majority of cases, however, mine was able to perform quite well. Instead of carrying my laptop with its slow start-up and other problems, I’ll carry the iPad during showings and make use of my personal site IDX in the event that we need to locate a property we pass through.

Other uses to use the iPad to help Your Real Estate Business

If you’re performing online accounting and for any other website that you regularly use for the company using the iPad can provide you with large screen sizes and an extremely clear, sharp, and vibrant display of the website. Email, specifically Gmail, is fantastic and comes with the special display Google displays when it realizes that you’re using an iPad. The Feed Reader, Twitter, Facebook, and every other website I regularly use all function perfectly. If you intend to spend a lot of time typing, you might want to buy the accessory keyboard dock since the keyboard on the screen is extremely sensitive, and I found myself making the mistake of putting my fingers on keys as a matter of habit.

What is the compatibility with Microsoft Office?

There’s absolutely no way to install Office Apps on the iPad. I was not interested in this point in the spreadsheet, but I did install the Pages application. It can save files in Word format to be exported or for sending via email. DocsToGo is an application that lets you edit Word documents too. To ensure maximum efficiency across all computers, I use my backup software on SugarSync.com. I send any document using Pages (an excellent application) to a personal SugarSync account. It is stored on the Web within the “Magic Briefcase” folder. It is linked to my computer at work. It is then possible to open and utilize it from there or even use it at home.

First Impressions Summary

I admit that I’m an expert in technology and would likely have bought an iPad regardless of the reason for wanting to share it with you.